Gasthaus Hotel Wurm Röbersdorf

Gast Haus Wurm in Röbersdörf. I love this restaurant. The food is slightly more expensive than other German restaurants in our vicinity (not to say that makes it expensive – restaurants here are very cheap) but it’s always excellent. Also it’s decorated seasonally, and I like the seasonal menu.

I also like the lighting in the restaurant, a lot of traditional German restaurants are dark and gloomy.The reception! The decorations often change.This a cowslip syrup soda. Part of the seasonal menu.Steak & a salad.A burger from the seasonal menu.


Sandybel cupcake shop in Nuremberg 

A new cupcake shop opened up in Nuremberg a few months ago. I came across the shop when I googled “Nuremberg cupcakes” and found their Facebook page.

The shop is decorated very nicely. 💕Cupcakes in the display window. 🍰 Sandybel from the street.Lots of little canvases along the wall! 🎂 The cupcakes. 😍The cupcakes I bought! Cinnamon-apple, Red Velvet, Raspberry and Vanilla.

Fuerteventura – Food

So, whilst the weather in Fuerteventura was really nice, most of the food I had was disgusting. I hated the food at the hotel. So no photos of that.
We went to two amazing restaurants on the trip though, and many places had fresh orange juice.

Honey Rum Honey rum, a Canary Islands speciality.