Norway Cruise

Last year I went on a cruise of Norway. Here’s a selection of photos I took from the ship, as we were leaving Geirangerfjord. Norway-16



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Sandybel cupcake shop in Nuremberg 

A new cupcake shop opened up in Nuremberg a few months ago. I came across the shop when I googled “Nuremberg cupcakes” and found their Facebook page.

The shop is decorated very nicely. 💕Cupcakes in the display window. 🍰 Sandybel from the street.Lots of little canvases along the wall! 🎂 The cupcakes. 😍The cupcakes I bought! Cinnamon-apple, Red Velvet, Raspberry and Vanilla.

Reindeer in North Cape, Norway

Last August I went on a cruise of Norway. We took a tour around North Cape by car, searching for reindeer.
North Cape is often referred to as the northernmost point of mainland Europe, but it isn’t actually.. That is Cape Nordkinn. I guess North Cape is more scenic and attracts more tourists so it became a selling point for the area. Anyway – REINDEER!


I was quite lucky with these two images. I was shooting with Canon 50mm 1.4 (!), so I had to get close to take these. I tend to lose awareness of my physical presence when I’m looking through the viewfinder.